Bias OTR Tyres

Bias Ply Underground Tyres

Our L-5S ‘slick’ underground tyre range includes:

  • 17.5-25;
  • 18.00-25;
  • 26.5-25;
  • 29.5-25; and,
  • 29.5-29.

Some underground applications are better for radial ply tyres and some are better for bias ply tyres. It is recommended that underground tyre supply include both radial and bias ply tyres.

Giant Bias Ply Open Cut Haul Truck Tyres

Our giant bias ply tyre range includes:
Underground OTR tyres

  • 27.00-49;
  • 33.00-51;
  • 36.00-51; and,
  • 40.00-57.

Unlike small bias ply underground tyres, giant bias ply tyres have only recently become available from China.

We recommend giant bias ply tyre supply be split between at least two brands, with majority supply allocation going to the best performing of the brands. We supply tyres from all of the best bias ply factories in China; a properly managed trial programme will result in lower costs.