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OTR - Tyres

Off-road tires are typically with thick, deep tread. On dirt surfaces, the exposed edges of the tread dig into soft ground to give more traction than rolling friction alone, These off-road tires provide their maximum grip on loose surfaces, but on paved surfaces the smaller contact patch affords less traction as compared to street tires. 

Some off-road tires are designed to be used with low inflation pressure on difficult terrain, reducing their rigidity and allowing the tread to better conform to the terrain.

Truck Tyres

Aeolus truck tyres are renowned for especially high mileage thanks to extremely low rolling resistance, lower fuel consumption and even wear.

Our tyres are for your benefit. For experts that know how rough outdoor terrains can be for specialists familiar with the pain that accompanies bad roads day in and day out. That is why Aeolus develop the best performing, strongest and most innovative tyres.  Tyres for all weather conditions, all distances and all surfaces

Industrial Tyres

Many tires used in industrial and commercial applications are non-pneumatic, and are manufactured from solid rubber and plastic compounds via molding operations. … Such tires are installed by means of a hydraulic tire press. At Austafrica we supply various different industrial tyres suiting all your needs.  Our industrial tyres are of the highest quality providing the service excellence we stand for.

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