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The advancement of retreading processes and products over the last 15 years has delivered measurable value to fleet customers. Retread tires are made to a standard that provides you the value of a new tire for a lower price.  Not only a substantial cost saving but environmental advantages too.

Step 1. Initial Inspection

Each tyre received in a retread plant is subjected to a rigorous visual inspection. Inspectors are assisted by the use of non-destructive sophisticated inspection equipment.

Step 2. Repairs 

Many tyres can be routinely repaired and almost all cases can be retreaded when the original tread is worn off. The repair station is where any surface injury is treated using effective material and tools for grinding and patching.

Step 3. Buffing

The tyre’s old tread is mechanically removed on high speed buffers. Today’s buffers are extremely accurate and will remove the proper amount of old rubber while turning the tyre to an exact specified diameter and radius.

Step 4. Inspection after Buffing

The buffed casing is further inspected for visible cuts or exposed cords not initially found on first inspection.  Large holes in the casting can sometimes be filled with compound and patched to rebuild the casing.  Only once this is done will it be forwarded to the next station or processing. 

Step 5. Ready for Building

The buffed tyre now needs a thin layer of cushion gum to be wrapped around its crown area. The tyre is now ready for pre-cured tread rubber.


6. New Tread 

The tread rubber has already been vulcanized with the new tread pattern design.  The gummed tyre is then fitted pre-cured tread rubber is then applied.  This is now called the building process.

7. Curing Process 

The tyre is now ready for curing where it goes to the autoclaves to be cured for a certain amount of time at a low of 104 degrees celsius ensuring no heat damage to the tyre casings for future retreading. 

8. Final Curing 

Our autoclaves are controlled chambers ensuring the correct curing time, the correct temperature and the correct pressure for high quality retread tyres.